The Independence Day of India

independence day of india
The people we fight are the people we love. The people we might not know are the people we ought to die for. The people never matters for us are the people we are living for. We Indians bleed blue.
In the struggle for oneness, we are classified and further declassified into various sub-groups. Each sub-groups is the strength of unity and yet a diversification of a whole. And a whole into a bigger whole. It is no shame that in this 70th Independence Day we are still talking of poverty, caste, illiteracy, elimination of social injustice and a moral society based on intellect which would have been done back in the time. At least we are talking. It would have been a problem, a greater problem when the system even stops talking on it.
A much-agreed thesis is to load the burden on the incapable system to further unload our responsibilities towards the nation. To blame for what it is rather than to change from what it is. Anti-social fashions have crept into the foundational principles of youth are redefining the wrongs to right. The desire of the freedom from feudal society has razed the impeccable boundaries causing indestructible harm into the personal dignity of human race. Thus, breaking barriers and creating another in a process to redefine the freedom is the renaissance towards the better end. A mishandled dogmatic decision could lead to the destruction of all. Terrorists are not Indian. They could be controlled or killed but a terrorist born within is hard to cure.
Diversified groups into sub-groups and further has never been a problem for the nation but a classification on the grounds of inferiority is indigestible. Inferiority begets insecurity begets violent destruction of the social stratification. Fragments out of such destructions are the cause of violent uprising of deformative society.
A renaissance shall draw through scientific rationalisation of constructive principles to utilize the nation its highest potential.
Hope the future lies in wisdom.


Amar Bharat

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