50 millions of people are speaking Bhojpuri across the globe

 Bhojpuri emanates from Bihari language family is a western group of Eastern Indo-Aryan Language which originally originated from Magadha region of Haryanka dynasty founded in 684 BC.

The dialect as we know today is the mixture of Caribbean Hindustani, Mauritian Hindi, Fiji Hindi, Domra, Tharu Bhojpuri. The writing style of all these dialects transformed into Bhojpuri is based on Devanagri and Kaithi system. The language is spoken by over 50 millions of people in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Mauritius, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Suriname, Jamaica, Caribbean, South Africa, Fiji and many other countries taking its pride as official language of Mauritious, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Fiji, and Suriname.
In the contemporary development of languages that too under traditional hegemony of English Bhojpuri is under lacuna of discrimination, disrespect and inhumanity. Once the pearls of its culture known for heartiest form of communication is now a symbol of poverty, illiteracy, and backwardness. The language has drawn far a back in customary development of its identity. Regional discrimination has added another lacuna to its prestige.
Language being a mode of communication is an essence of the culture. People attached to it have a parallel psychological approach of its kind. They have common history, ethics, customs, and principal embedded to form morality and a respectable dignified life. If a language is the matter of status every language has its unique status. All to be respected. A popularly spoken language is never a status quo it’s just a spread of its cultural.
Bhojpuri is a sub-family of Hindi traces its historical fragrance from Kaithi also known as Kayathi widely practiced in the part of north India. The use of it was restricted to royal family and administrative purposes. The parent language of Kaithi is Brahmi which further declassified into Nagari. Once the language was used amongst the royal family has extreme prestige now in lacuna of discrimination with the other languages. No one knows what went wrong but if it could be undone it would be classification on the grounds of inferiority.
Hope the future lies in wisdom.


Amar Bharat 

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